Dao-tantra massage from woman to men in English

150,00 DKK inkl. moms


This Download is for the man and woman who will learn to enjoy. It is for women who want to learn to give a sublime massage that strengthens the man’s sexuality.
The Download gives a greater understanding of the human body and its facets so that the woman in that way can become a better lover. It is ideal to enjoy it because it is pleasantly stimulating, provides peace of mind and balance in the body.
By this kind of massage, a lot of tension is loosened in the body, which massage would not be able to cope.
In the Taoist world, this massage is intended to restore the energies and thereby create a better flow in the body that leads to better health. It is, therefore, a kind of physical medicine for the body.
Within the last ten years, scientists have proven that sex massage has a wide range of healing effects on various disorders. But the Taoists have always known.


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